By Scott Tousley
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You can learn specific strategies for prospecting, qualifying, and closing more effectively. However, it’s impossible to become more charming and magnetic — either you’re born with charisma, or you’re not. Right?

Wrong. There are specific principles and habits people can incorporate into their daily lives to boost their likability in a completely genuine way.

To discover the most impactful, we dove deep into behavioral psychology research. Become insanely charismatic by following these science-backed tips.

How to Be Charismatic


1) Demonstrate positive and negative empathy.

People who possess positive empathy don’t become jealous. On the contrary, they’re thrilled when:

+ Someone else decides to leave their job and travel for six months.

+ Someone else gets their dream promotion (or hired at their dream company).

+ Someone else sells their business for $100 million.

Negative empathy is the ability to comfort others when they’re upset. People who posses this trait will:

Help someone when their family member becomes ill.

Support someone when they get fired from their dream company.

Comfort someone when they break up with their significant other of six years.

Positive and negative empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and genuinely feel what they are feeling, whether they’re ecstatic, miserable, or somewhere in between.


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