By Jennifer Nelson
From RJI


The Washington Missourian was about to lose $5,000 to $6,000 in ad revenue to a competitor. The client needed to reach digital customers beyond the local opportunities the newspaper had provided in the past.

But hold the phone. The Missourian had just started working with the Missouri Press Service to expand its digital offerings. After the ad staff learned more about the client’s needs, they suggested programmatic advertising, which targets customers based on factors like geographic location and browsing history.

The client agreed. The Missourian not only recouped the dollars they were going to lose but also brought in an additional $2,000.

Whitney Livengood, the Missourian’s digital advertising sales manager, believes newspapers like hers need to provide digital services to clients or risk losing ad dollars to cable companies and other media outlets that do. These digital services include YouTube TrueView ads, targeted advertising and website development.

“Make digital a priority,” Livengood says. “If you don’t embrace digital and start the process of positioning yourself, in your community, as a full-service marketing agency, huge revenue opportunities are going to pass you by.”

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