By Jeff Weisbein
From Kya

There are some age old questions when it comes to digital publishing: when is the best time to publish content to maximize reach, engagement, or any number of various metrics? What referral sources and device types drive the most page views and/or engaged readers? We decided to answer these questions by looking at data from more than 500 sites and over 15 million visitors and we came up with some interesting and useful insights. Take a look at what we found. All times are in EST.

By the way, you too, can find the best time to publish content for your site to maximize your reach and engagement. We make it super easy with KYA’s Smart Insights feature which is what we used to calculate this data and gain these insights. If you’re interested in learning more about KYA you can schedule a call with us or you can signup risk free for yourself and try it out.

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